Three students in the music department of Trinity Lutheran College offered a concert in May 2015 to benefit the development of the Same Love Garden at All Pilgrims Christian Church. The concert was offered as part of the students’ degree fulfillment featuring choral and folk music presented by Emily Hipp Johnston, Alex Johnston and Paul Georgeson. The program featured original music by Alex Johnston, and performances by the All Pilgrims choir, the Trinity Lutheran College Concert Choir and reSound, a Northwest Chamber Ensemble conducted by the three students.

The students have designed the concert as both a concert and conversation for Christian unity. It will feature homilies by Nick Loyd, Pastor at Pathways Church in Mill Creek; Elizabeth Rawlings, Campus Pastor for the University of Washington Lutheran Campus Ministries; and Dr. Bruce Grigsby, Professor of Biblical Studies at Trinity Lutheran College. Each speaker offered different perspectives on what unity means.